Notaries Recommended Scale of Fees as at 1 August 2016

as published in New South Wales Government Gazette No.64 page 2258 on 12 August 2016

1. Affidavits, Affirmations, Declarations Fee Fee + GST
  Administering an oath or affirmation or taking a declaration and signing jurat $116.36 $128.00
  Each additional deponent etc at the same time $58.18 $64.00
2. Deeds or other Unsworn Documents    
  Witnessing and attesting execution or signing of a deed or other document $116.36 $128.00
  Each additional individual etc at the same time $55.00 $60.50
3. Verification of copy documents    
  Examining copies (photographic or otherwise) with original for verification –
per 6 minute time unit, or part thereof
$52.72 $58.00
  Notarial Certificate verifying copy document $178.18 $187.00
4. Notarial Certificates    
  Preparing Notarial Certificate verifying execution of a document by one individual, and completing the Certificate $178.18 $196.00
  Each additional individual at the same time $72.72 $80.00
  Preparing Notarial Certificate verifying execution of document by a corporation with declaration and exhibit, and completing the Certificate $345.45 $380.00
  Preparing and completing Notarial Certificate not otherwise prescribed – per 6 minute time unit , or part thereof $50.00 $55.00
5. Bills of Exchange    
  Noting bill of exchange, including supplying one copy of note, entering in register, for each hour or part thereof $283.63 $312.00
  Protesting bill, including supplying one copy of the protest, if at the same time as noting $190.90 $210.00
  If protested later $386.36 $425.00
6. Ship's Protest    
  Noting $345.45 $380.00
  Copy $22.72 $25.00
  Certified copy $345.45 $380.00
  Additional Certified Copy $115.00 $127.00
7. Miscellaneous    
  – away from office or not otherwise provided for;    
  – drawing and engrossing documents; and    
  – other matters.    
  For Notary's time per six minute time unit or part thereof $50.00 $55.00
  For any Clerk per hour (pro rata for proportionate part) $159.10 $175.00
  Photocopying, Facsimilies up to 15 pages included in above scales, exceeding 15, then per page $3.00 $3.30

All other outlays and out of pocket expenses to be added to above scales

Notaries should take the individual circumstances of each attendance into account (such as time involved and work performed) when applying the above scale. It may be appropriate to apply the hourly scale particularly when certificates have not been prepared by the notary.

The Scale sets out the base fee and the fee inclusive of GST.

This Scale reflects increases in professional office overheads and expenses during the past 24 months.